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Capsule Net

Our Mission at Capsule Net is to provide housing and security and a sustainable way of life , there are many ways that we would like to improve the world one way we want to help it is by going to help these major cities such as in beijing due to the strict policies with homelessness in the city where if you help the homeless you can can get evicted , we also want to help california which used to be America's golden star but recently things have been falling apart there and skid row the worst part of california is not beyond saving we believe that even if a country or city looks like it is falling apart there is always a way to move forward.


We are the net that catches those who everyone leaves to fall through the cracks.


This blog details our work towards making a company.

About Us

This section details why we do what we do.

Contact Us

Contact us, if you have any questions about our houses or anything we can get better in.

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