Sustaining the Environment

What are global Problems of today?

This is the Real World of Today.

Global issues in the world of today are Pollution.

How we plan to clean our oceans

Unfortunately the effects of CO2 have become worse over the years

The rate of CO2 levels increased by 100 to 200 times more faster over the last 10 years
Global CO2 concentration stands currently at 406.4spm The rise of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. With polar ice caps melting four times faster because of the rise of CO2 levels, many land animals have died such as the famous polar bear.

What can be a sollution to this problem?

A possible sollution that we have come up with to this global problem involves the use of technology. Such technology would be the use of drones to filter out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How can we make this possible and still not harmfully effect the environment?

Well we can use solar power to make these drones free of fossil fuels.

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